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 supporters fighting to #endgamblingads!

A 13-year-old today doesn't know a world without gambling ads.

3 in 4 kids think gambling is a normal part of sport. Enough is enough. 

We stamped out smoking — now it’s time to kick gambling out of sport!

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During COVID lockdowns, wagering companies spent more money on advertising and incentives to gamble, and it worked - the amount gambled online significantly increased, and foreign bookmakers were one of the few industries to emerge...
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How do we #EndGamblingAds on SBS? -Webinar wrap

June 18, 2021

On Thursday, June 18, we had supporters tune in from all across the country for our webinar “How do we...

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Big plans to #EndGamblingAds on SBS

May 05, 2021

This year, the campaign to #EndGamblingAds remains as urgent as ever. A pandemic couldn’t stop the gambling ads, but we...

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Wanderers to shun gambling sponsorships, bucking global trend

February 12, 2021

Many sporting teams talk a good game about giving back to their communities. Actually living up to the pledge, however,...

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