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Caroline Wilson unleashes on AFL boss Gillon McLachlan over $10 million BetEasy deal

Veteran AFL columnist Caroline Wilson has unleashed on AFL boss Gillon McLachlan for extending the AFL's multi-million dollar deal with online gambling company BetEasy.

Wilson has long been against the use of gambling advertisements and endorsements both on TV as well as inside stadiums, citing the adverse impact that it can have on young children consuming the product.

The AFL's current deal with BetEasy is reportedly worth $10 million a year and runs through the 2025 season.

However, despite the immense financial boost it provides the game, Wilson suggested that the potential danger of such deals far outweighs the positive it brings.

"Gambling is the AFL's biggest drug problem by far," she told Footy Classified.

"Young men come into the game and develop betting habits, just as young children go to the MCG and Marvel and watch saturation gambling advertising all around their beloved stadiums.

"I'm so disappointed that Gillon McLachlan extended the AFL's deal with BetEasy. I'm even more disappointed that Richard Goyder's commission, despite their reservations, ratified it.

"Don't talk to me about the desperate need for millions of dollars of revenue, now is the time for leadership, true social reform, and a clean slate.

"Hopefully those clubs with dormant gaming machine revenue are realising that.

"If now is truly the time to transform the game then please remove this dreadful social scourge from our game, from our stadiums and from the AFL's website."

*This article was originally published on Nine

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