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Thank you for Griff action August 2021

Thank you.

Recent youth studies have shown that a leading predictor of future gambling issues is exposure to sports betting ads. We had enough of bookies' ads during the Olympics.

On Monday August 30th 2021, Senator Stirling Griff (Centre Alliance) proposed an amendment to ban gambling ads during major sporting events like the Women's FIFA World Cup in 2023, and key T20 fixtures. Senator Rachel Siewart (Greens) introduced the amendment on Senator Griff's behalf

We asked our supporters to email these key women Labor Senators to urge them to vote in favour of the amendment, and to get their colleagues to do the same: Penny Wong (SA), Kimberley Kitching (Vic), Katy Gallagher (ACT), Louise Pratt (WA), Nita Green (Qld) and Kristina Keneally (NSW).

1,188 people sent emails. 

Thank you to everyone who took time to show the ALP how important this issue is. We will be following up directly with the ALP Senators to remind them that in 2017 they said it was the right time to move on phasing out gambling ads. We think they were right then, and they should start acting now.

 supporters fighting to #endgamblingads!