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Domino's removes gambling ads

The incredible team at Kickin' The Punt have done it again. This time successfully appealing to Domino's Pizza to remove gambling advertising from their website.Ā Great to see another business take community wellbeing and corporate social responsibility seriously.

If you see brands or products promoting gambling through sponsorship or advertising, politely reaching out is a great way to hold them accountable. Sometimes brands are unaware of the advertising hosted through third parties on their website, so contacting them with some key factsĀ about gambling harm can be a powerful way of stemming the tide of normalisation.

In other instances, this is a conscious decision taken (for example in the case of the AFL), and it's important to call these companies out for tacitly endorsing the marketing and promotion of harmful products to their audiences, particularly when they include children.

The gambling industry relies on the good reputation of 'family-friendly' brands to endorse their harmful products, so applying pressure to these businesses directly is another powerful way of holding the gambling industry to account.

Click here to see other examples of successful community-driven campaigns putting concerted pressure on Woolworths to divest their poker machine holdings, and here to read more about recent efforts to get gambling out of sport in the UK.

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Ā supporters fighting to #endgamblingads!