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Facts on gambling ads

The research is clear  gambling ads are more than annoying they’re extremely harmful, particularly for kids.

Fast facts:

  1. Sports wagering is the fastest-growing form of gambling in Australia, doubling in the five years to 2017-2018, with losses now exceeding more than $1 billion annually.
  2. Just over half of all Australians who gamble online are at risk or already experiencing gambling-related harm.
  3. Gambling advertising and inducements are known to encourage riskier betting and increase betting expenditure.
  4. Exposure to gambling advertising has been found to be higher for 13 to 17-year-olds than for adults.
  5. 3/4 of Australian children aged 8–16 years who watch sport think betting on sport is normal
  6. 3/4 of Australian children aged 8–16 years can also name one or more sports betting companies, and 25% can name four or more.
  7. One in three high school students report they have already gambled.
  8. Despite tighter restrictions introduced during live sport in 2018, the total volume of gambling advertising has increased on television and radio by 50% since this time.
  9. The gambling industry spent $273.2 million on advertising in Australia in 2018, up from $89.7 million in 2011.
  10. Almost 3/4 of Australian parents reported being ‘bothered’ by their children being exposed to gambling ads.
  11. Parents have almost no control over the ads their kids see. And we know kids see more and are more likely to form positive impressions through gambling being associated with sport.

Just like tobacco advertising, gambling ads should be stamped out of sport.

 supporters fighting to #endgamblingads!