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Facts on gambling ads

The research is clear — gambling ads are more than annoying they’re extremely harmful, particularly for kids.

Fast facts:

  1. Sports wagering is the fastest-growing form of gambling in Australia, doubling in the five years to 2017-2018, with losses now exceeding more than $1.2 billion annually (and turnover about 10 times that).
  2. Just over half of Australians who gamble online are at risk or already experiencing gambling-related harm.
  3. Gambling advertising and inducements are known to encourage riskier betting, increase the amount of money bet, and elicit excitement that encourages people to bet even when they don’t want to.
  4. 3/4 of Australian children aged 8–16 years who watch sport think betting on sport is normal and can also name one or more sports betting companies (25% can name four or more).
  5. One in three high school students report they have already gambled, with students who reported a mental health condition also more likely to report they had gambled in the previous month.
  6. Despite tighter restrictions introduced during live sport in 2018, the total volume of gambling advertising has increased on television and radio by 50%, with $503.7 million collectively spent on marketing since the ban was introduced.
  7. Kids are considered high ‘consumers’ of the average 374 gambling ads on free-to-air TV a day, nearly half report noticing gambling advertising on television during sports and racing events at least weekly.
  8. The gambling industry spent $273.2 million on advertising in Australia in 2018, up from $89.7 million in 2011.
  9. Almost 3/4 of Australian parents reported being ‘bothered’ by their children being exposed to gambling ads.
  10. 86% of Australians agree that gambling adverting should not be shown to children while online.

Just like tobacco advertising, gambling ads are harmful and should be eliminated from our airwaves.

 supporters fighting to #endgamblingads!