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We're building a movement, and we need your help! Will you help us reach more people by sharing this campaign with your friends?

There are so many ways you can help #EndGamblingAds:

  1. Share the campaign on social media. Help spread the word far and wide!
  2. Share the campaign with organisations and people you think might like to join or become ambassadors.
  3. Join our Letters to the Editor Team. We’re regularly commenting on news and current affairs about gambling ads. If you see a relevant story, write a letter to the editor and add your support to #EndGamblingAds. Read these tips from Fairfax first, then simply click one of the links below to email the letters desk of the publication which you saw it:
  4. If you live in Victoria, you can also sign your club or school up to the ‘Love the Game’ initiative — a program aimed at reducing young people's exposure to gambling advertising and countering the social norm of gambling in sport.
  5. If you're keen to do even more, reach out to us at [email protected] to find out how! 

Help increase our impact!

 supporters fighting to #endgamblingads!