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Why we care

We asked why you care about gambling ads, here's just some of the reasons you shared:

It's the fact that gambling has infiltrated all aspects of life including sport whether its online gambling or the odds being quoted, there's no escape. It's been normalised to the point that it's easy not to notice how insidious it is.

- Denise

I resent having to constantly reinforce to my young children why gambling is bad, as it is destroying the lives of many in the community. Sport is such an intrinsic way of life that to allow this destructive gambling industry any foothold is too much.

- Murray

I am team manager of a state league one soccer club and I am appalled at hearing young people talking about betting and odds. 

- Derek

I am now reluctant to allow my child to view the footy fixture online due to the 'Bet Easy' icon next to the game. I also feel annoyed and dismayed at the AFL that they have allowed a gambling company to infiltrate the game.

- Anonymous

I've seen sports gambling ads pop up on my 7 year old brother's tablet in the past and can only imagine the subconscious impact this will have on him as he gets older.

- Anonymous

Those personally experiencing gambling harm are also deeply impacted by gambling ads.

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